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Welcome to Powerplants, the Leading Source of Greenhouse Technology Supplies and Accessories in Australia

State-of-the-Art Horticultural Technical Systems for Greenhouse Growers

Powerplants provide greenhouse growers throughout Australia with the latest horticultural technology supplies, greenhouse accessories, and services - everything you need to grow the highest quality crops.

For more than 19 years Powerplants have manufactured technology supplies and accessories locally in Australia, on our own premises to meet local conditions, the custom needs of our clients, and to meet the highest quality standards to achieve the most “value for the money.”

Our state-of-the-art technical systems, high quality greenhouse supplies and accessories, expertise in the latest horticultural greenhouse technology, combined with honesty and integrity - make us the Australia’s greenhouse growers’ partner of choice for successful, high-quality crops year after year.

Founded in 1994, Powerplants’ mission is to provide great customer service that goes above and beyond what is expected - which is why we are so proud to have been recognized every year since 2003 with the prestigious Highly Recommended Australian Achiever Award.

Find out what our satisfied customers already know - Powerplants understand your unique needs as a local Australian greenhouse grower.

Contact us today! Call +61 3 8795 7750

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Powerplants News

Automation & logistics division

One of virtually every business owner's biggest challenges is labour. Finding and keeping good staff, training, managing productivity, managing staff politics and the rising cost of labour are common challenges to all businesses. This is even more difficult for the Horticultural Industry as conditions are often uncomfortable and the wages are often relatively low.

Powerplants recognise these challenges and are dedicated to assisting our growers in managing the increasing burden. As part of our ongoing support, we are always looking for new innovative products to add to the Powerplants portfolio. Recently, Powerplants entered into new partnerships with well-established European companies which provide the solutions our growers need.

Javo is a well-known enterprise within the horticultural industry and is now partnering with Powerplants providing state of the art potting machines, bale breakers and flat fillers delivering cost effective pot processing solutions to our growers. On top of that Powerplants will now supply Javo forking machines.

Powerplants now also supplies WPS Multi-Move Benches, on top of the already wide range of benches. The Multi-Move Benches in addition to optimizing growing space are able to move plants throughout the whole nursery, also making it a labour saving transportation system. WPS also offers a solution to staff inefficiency, with the WPS conveyors. The conveyors increase staff efficiency and provide you with the ability to respond to customer orders much faster!

Particularly for our nursery growers we are now supplying the cost effective Conic EMP-300 grafting machine. The grafting machine ensures faster production by grafting between 400 to 600 plants per hour, a better quality crop and therefore increased profits.

Of course Powerplants will keep supplying our existing products, like the PrivAssist. With the PrivAssist all data is registered by the workers themselves using the Smartline Readers. The readers are designed to remove any language barriers when registering operations. What's more, as the workers are registering their own tasks, this makes them accountable for data collected. The PrivAssist makes labour management much easier and makes everyone accountable.

To manage the larger Automation & Logistics product portfolio the Powerplants team is strengthened by Andrew Harford, our new area representative for the NSW region and Automation & Logistics division manager.

Andrew Harford"Commercial horticulture is my working life and passion, having become involved with the family commercial greenhouse manufacturing and growing systems business, Harford Greenhouses in New Zealand from an early age.

This was my first foray into a career in horticulture and following high school I attended Lincoln University and studied a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Horticultural Management. Since this time I have been involved in a range of related business in varying capacities both here and in New Zealand including business owner, grower and consultant. I have a broad experience across horticulture being involved in greenhouse, irrigation and hydroponic design projects, vegetable and flower production systems both field and in a protected environment in New Zealand and here in Australia. I am now based in Castle Hill, Sydney and I'm very excited to take on this new challenge at Powerplants".

Hok Lam – Greenhouse truss tomatoes

This hydroponic farm has cut town water use by 35 percent. Run-off is captured, filtered and reused. As a demonstration farm for the project it’s now showing other growers how to integrate water efficiency and production values.