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Greenhouse Electrical Installations

Electrical InstallerSpecialised Electricians for Australia’s Greenhouses from Powerplants

Finally, Australia’s greenhouse growers have an expert resource for their electrical installation and electricity needs. Powerplants is proud to provide specialized, licensed electricians trained in greenhouse electrical systems.

Previously, the only major component in the greenhouse that neither Powerplants nor Greenworks could quote you was the electrical installation. The local electrician usually would not quote it as they are usually specialised in domestic or industrial electrical installations which differ significantly from greenhouse installations. This left a big question-mark when going to the bank for a loan for a greenhouse project. Now we can integrate all your systems with our own licensed electricians and specialised know-how. And we can give you a fixed price.

Powerplants Electrical Installation Services Include:

Low Voltage Electrical Systems, Sensors and Control
If we are supplying the Priva Climate Control System, we can supply and run all the sensor wires, which are high quality instrumentation cable. We allow for plenty of spare wires for future expansion. We can also run all the low voltage control wires to motor control boxes, limit switches and solenoid valves, etc.

Electrical InstallationHigh Voltage Electrical Systems
We buy cable direct from the manufacturers, so we can give you good prices on all the cable and installation. We are very familiar with all greenhouse motors, pumps, boilers and other systems, so it makes sense for us to wire it all up.

Cable tray
We install open mesh cable tray along the main runs where cable is required, so more cables can easily be added later. The open mesh cable tray provides minimal shading and won’t collect water.

Interface panels
We manufacture our own interface panels at our facility here in Australia, and use locally supplied relays, soft-starters, etc, so if there is a problem, we don’t need to import parts from Holland. Our electrical panels give you manual control of all equipment for commissioning, and if there is a problem with the climate computer.

We can also supply and install lights and powerpoints throughout the greenhouse and the packing shed.

Backup Generators & Lightning Protection
We can help you with backup generators for the peace of mind you need to know your greenhouse investment is protected. We also help reduce your risks of lightning strike.

Electrical installation is a major consideration for your greenhouse to succeed. Find out how Powerplants can provide electrical services and electricians with the expertise you need to get it done right.

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Cable tie Curly 10mm
Cable tie Curly 10mm